Worldwideliving - Romanian Language

Welcome / Willkommen

I'm so excited - soon we will go online with our podcast here... Curious - so are we.

Well, just that much for the moment:
Lerning is more fun if you learn together...

Die Vorfreude steigt - bald sind wir online mit unserem Podcast... Neugierig? Ja, wir auch!

Nur so viel fuer den Moment:
Lernen macht mehr Spass zu zweit - zu dritt - zu viert oder mit dem halben oder ganzen Web!


  1. Elena und Stefan sagt am Feb 4, 2008 @ 09:38 PM: Schöner Cast, wir hoffen Ihr macht eines Tages weiter damit :)

    Wir sind ein rumänisch-deutsches Pärchen - ihr auch?

    Viele liebe Gruesse

    Elena und Stefan


    Un podcast frumos - speam ca continuati-l alta data :)

    Suntem un cuplu roman-german, sunteti si voi?

    Voi salutam

    Elena si Stefan

    Hallo Ihr 2 - danke fuer Euren Kommentar und - DITO
    Naechster Cast geht bald online - bitte also wieder iTunes oder anderen Podcatcher aktivieren...
  2. Such a shame sagt am Apr 19, 2017 @ 11:40 PM: Hello it is such a shame you wanted to do a good thing and teach Romanian but you ruined it with scary loud annoying sh!try music that causes ear ached and headaches through a mobile device and you set the volume so loud that you cannot hear what you are saying.

    Totally put me off learning as every episode has crappy music on it.

    NEVER EVER USE MUSIC TO LEARN TO ESPECIALLY SCRSAMY CRAP, people associate learning with music and if the music is crap like the track you chose is totally nasty imo... Then all u hear to begin with is SCRSAMY music and do not want to continue.

    Music should be mellow, no high pitches no acres, no guitar solos or operatics no crap period just simple piano to ease people into things

    I wanted to learn Romanian months and only 2 podcasts on the whole app one doesn't work and your one caused me so much pain in the first lesson that I'm now writing to you pissed off and in pain.

    If you ever try again... Dump the crappy music no offence to your musical taste but that was your big mistake to put on something you like vs something pleasant.

    If you liked gangster rap that says modo black n black n etc would you say let's learn Romanian you black n plating in the background?

    Simple quiet low tone music, were here to LISTEN TO WORDS from a language we don't know, so hearing music that scream and a voice level that's so low u hv to max ur volume only makes the crappy screaming worse

    So please if you ever try again don't use shit music

    Best advice you will ever get for trying to teach.

    Sorry for swearing but you pissed me off so much and caused me agonising pain cos this crappy music when were TRYINHG TO LEARN.


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